From April 2019 all bowling clubs have to have a Safeguarding Officer, our Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Wendy Boult. 

Wendy’s role is to assist our members who may have safeguarding concerns, in confidence about issues they have experienced which affects them,  a club member, a player from a visiting team or a visitor to our club, when they don’t feel confident in raising their concerns to other club members or Team Captains. 

Its not solely Wendy’s responsibility to manage Safeguarding  issues for our members, it is the responsibility of all members of our club. Our Safeguarding policy is for all ages of members and its important we all help each other and those who visit our club to enjoy our sport. To help members and team captains, the following links have been provided by Staffordshire County Bowling Association which gives an overview of Safeguarding in relation to sport.

A copy of the Clubs Safeguarding policy can be found in the clubhouse.